Dance Etiquette
applies to both males and females

Personal Hygene

Good hygiene before and during the dance party shows respect and consideration for the other dancers.

Comfort and safety

Your outfit and accessories should be comfortable, safe, and easy to dance in.

Asking for a Dance

"May I have this dance?" "Would you like to dance?"

Accepting a dance

Yes, thank you, I'd love to dance.

When and how to decline a dance

Dance etiquette requires that one should avoid declining a dance unless you absolutely have to. However, a social dance is not an endurance marathon where you must dance until you drop.

Being declined

When turned down, one should at first take it at face-value. When a dance can last for hours, there are not many people who can keep dancing non-stop and therefore will need to take a break from time to time.

Increasing your chances of being asked for a dance

The most effective way of becoming popular in the dancing circles is to be a good dancer so practice to improve your dancing. You don't need to know a hundreds of moves but must have a good lead/folow.

On the dance floor

Modern jive freestyle dances are one of life's rare opportunities for pure fun but this fun can easily be ruined by a snobbish attitude and lack of consideration for your fellow dancers. Freestyle dancing is an activity that enables us to share with another person our love for music and dancing - it is not a competition where one has to win or lose.

Dancing Close

Dancing, by its nature, is a romantic activity. The opportunity of dancing close with the opposite sex is part of the attraction of dancing. However, asking or being asked for a dance does not necessarily indicate a personal interest even if the dance moves are sexy and provocative. A dance is merely a brief social encounter and in order to avoid misunderstanding and unhappines the two should not be confused.


Aerials should be reserved for performances and competitions, or when you are the only couple on the floor. Never do aerials on a crowded social dance floor.

At the end of the dance

When Leaving

Don't just disappear, say good-bye to people you met and danced with and thank them for the dances. This will help them remember you the next time they see you. They may even invite you to join them at another dance class / evening dance. If you liked the music tell the DJ. If you enjoyed the lesson tell the dance teacher. If there is a mailing list at the door, sign it and remember to take those flyers advertising forthcoming dance events.